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MedEquip Biomedical is the Nation's Leading Service and Repair Center for Patient Monitoring

Medequip Biomedical - AAMI 2013


Founded in 1996, MedEquip Biomedical rapidly grew to become a leading national independent service and repair center for physiological monitors and monitor service components. In response to the needs of a growing customer community, MedEquip began to sell and rent a variety of pre-owned refurbished and reconditioned physiological monitors and monitor service components, offering its clients a cost effective alternative to buying new physiological monitoring equipment and service parts.

MedEquip Biomedical

MedEquip's focus on physiological monitors has allowed the company to build a unique expertise; an expertise that healthcare and biomedical service organizations can leverage to ensure that their systems requirements are always met with the right equipment at the right price.

MedEquip stocks a wide selection of single and multi-parameter physiological monitors, from stand-alone to networked systems. MedEquip is also able to rapidly source systems not available in inventory. We offer flexible purchase, rental, or lease agreements; MedEquip's rental and leasing division offers a wide variety of monitoring options,whether for a short or long term lease or rental. We offer free labor for monitor repairs MedEquip’s depot repair division charges only for parts used to repair a monitor. Loaner equipment, when available, is also provided at no charge while a broken unit is out of service. All repairs also include a standard one year warranty.

Today, MedEquip Biomedical proudly serves thousands of satisfied clients. It’s our expertise...

MedEquip Biomedical


MedEquip Corporate Profile

in 1996, Mike Balakonis and Mike Lipson founded MedEquip Biomedical, an independent depot repair center and third-party provider of equipment and parts for patient monitoring ...

MedEquip Corporate Profile

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  • Patient/Physiological Monitoring is our specialty
  • ISO 9001:2008 Certified
  • Multi-Vendor Services
  • 1 Year Warranty with Unlimited complimentary tech support
  • 95% plus repair capability with No labor charge on depot repair
  • 1-3 Day Evaluation and 5-7 Day Repair Turn-Around
  • Complimentary shipping, evaluations and loaners (When available...)
  • Simulated Hospital Critical Care Area
  • Complimentary parts for miscellaneous e.g. knobs & cable assemblies
  • We match or beat advertised benefits e.g. warranties and pricing
  • First and most experienced Multi-Vendor Patient Monitoring Company- Founded in 1993
  • Installation and Clinical Application Training available
  • We buy retired equipment
  • Evaluations & Repairs include Detailed Service Report
  • First Sponsor of Biomed Talk & a strong supporter of the BE/CE Community